Interview with Francesca Allen, Twin

When the British photographer met musician Aya in Tokyo the pair bonded immediately. “Even though our time together was brief, they remain some of my favourite photos I’ve taken” says Francesca Allen of this first encounter in 2016. Two years later, these first photographs have informed a longer and more intimate project. Francesca Allen’s new book, ‘Aya’Continue reading “Interview with Francesca Allen, Twin”

Oliva Bee’s new bohemia

Olivia Bee started taking pictures in her early teens, one of those rare precocious talents who already had the basics nailed before most of us had figured out how to make our lava lamps work. And when I say basics, I mean being commissioned to shoot commercials for Nike and Converse by the time she was 17…Continue reading “Oliva Bee’s new bohemia”

Italian Summer Stitched At The Seams Of Bruta Shirts

Introducing new shirt brand Bruta: the label washing romance into the most ubiquitous form of clothing. Founded by Arthur Yates in 2015, Bruta marries art and design in the form of loose-fitting shirts that feature hand-drawn detail and embroidery. Alongside the shirts, Yates has employed his artistic background to create pots and urns, an unexpected yetContinue reading “Italian Summer Stitched At The Seams Of Bruta Shirts”

Designer Markus Lupfer Gives A Preview Of His SS17 Collection

For over 10 years designer Markus Lupfer has brought joy to the fashion industry with his playful label that fuses splashes humour with considered and intricate design. Ahead of London Fashion Week, we talked to the designer about his new collection. Graduating with First Class Honours from Westminster in 1997, Markus Lupfer quickly created a buzz in the industry when hisContinue reading “Designer Markus Lupfer Gives A Preview Of His SS17 Collection”


20.06.2016 | TWIN Mayan Toledano is a photographer and co-founder of Me and You, an online platform that celebrates friendship, feminism and girlhood, run with her BFF Julia Baylis. As a photographer she creates images that are playful and poignant. They invite viewers to enter into private spaces with her subjects – bedrooms, bathrooms – not asContinue reading “INTERVIEW WITH MAYAN TOLEDANO”


WHITNEY’S GOLDEN DAYS Trundling round Europe in a white van, spending their time listening to The Band and Bob Dylan, drinking too much whiskey and beer: the antics of the six-man band Whitney have a something of a cinematic quality about them. On the icy Sunday that I meet them, they’ve just come over fromContinue reading “WHITNEY’S GOLDEN DAYS”