Interview with Francesca Allen, Twin

When the British photographer met musician Aya in Tokyo the pair bonded immediately. “Even though our time together was brief, they remain some of my favourite photos I’ve taken” says Francesca Allen of this first encounter in 2016. Two years later, these first photographs have informed a longer and more intimate project. Francesca Allen’s new book, ‘Aya’Continue reading “Interview with Francesca Allen, Twin”

Twin Magazine Issue XIX

Twin issue XIX is all about not following the expected path – you could say the heroes and heroines of this issue are are rebels, but more importantly they’re pioneers. Leading with energy, humour and fearlessness that knocks you sideways. A celebration of speaking up and standing out. The contributors to this new issue ofContinue reading “Twin Magazine Issue XIX”

Oliva Bee’s new bohemia

Olivia Bee started taking pictures in her early teens, one of those rare precocious talents who already had the basics nailed before most of us had figured out how to make our lava lamps work. And when I say basics, I mean being commissioned to shoot commercials for Nike and Converse by the time she was 17…Continue reading “Oliva Bee’s new bohemia”

Daisy Walker and Lily More on setting a new fashion agenda

With ample experience in fashion, Lily More and Daisy Walker decided that it was time to address the issues around gender equality in the industry with their new initiative ‘Women in Fashion’. The aim is to empower women through community, creating a strong network for women and men to learn from, inspire and create a strongerContinue reading “Daisy Walker and Lily More on setting a new fashion agenda”

Celebrating The Work Of Alice Springs: Helmut Newton’s Better Half

In a new release from Taschen, Melbourne-born June Newton is rightly celebrated for her unique canon of work. The book coincides with a major retrospective at The Helmut Newton foundation in Berlin, previously shown at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris. In honour of the photographer, The Culture Trip surveys her compelling portraits of life in 1980’sContinue reading “Celebrating The Work Of Alice Springs: Helmut Newton’s Better Half”