‘In Paris, Street Style Disrupts the Fashion Hierarchy’, Culture Trip

It’s a funny time for French fashion. The city with the most traditional legacy finds itself facing disruption at every turn. Male creative directors are being replaced, social media is putting demands on craftsmanship and Macron has arrived with sweeping reforms. But on the streets of Paris SS18, the biggest change is afoot. Women areContinue reading “‘In Paris, Street Style Disrupts the Fashion Hierarchy’, Culture Trip”

‘Greece’s Odyssey for Sustainable Fashion’, Culture Trip

‘If something is well-made, it grows and ages with you; it becomes part of you. Once we begin appreciating better quality, the need for novelty wears off,’ posits Stamos Fafalios over email. It’s the end of the Sustainable Fashion event in Athens, and I’ve contacted him to find out how Greek designers are coping during these austereContinue reading “‘Greece’s Odyssey for Sustainable Fashion’, Culture Trip”

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Skirt? Why New Menswear Designers Can’t Go Mainstream

‘Everything was worn with cowboy boots, many of them gold. They made me think of Myra Breckinridge, possibly Galliano’s sly way of underscoring that all fashion is drag,’ wrote Tim Blanks recently in his review of Maison Margiela’s couture show. That fashion is about performance is not new. Generations of designers have used clothes to explore ideas, and inContinue reading “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Skirt? Why New Menswear Designers Can’t Go Mainstream”

Click Bait: London Fashion Week review

What was quickly apparent at LFW SS16 was that designers abandoned themselves to show and flamboyancy. After the 70’s moment in the spotlight this season fast forwarded to the next decade with some disctinctively 80’s influences. Forget neutral tones and uniform, now is the time to stand out from the crowd, and these are theContinue reading “Click Bait: London Fashion Week review”