An eclectic range of influences made for a fun, quirky presentation at Danielle Romeril.

Danielle R AW16-1700

A Royal Sport

Romeril’s AW16 collection took inspiration from influences as disparate as a portrait of Isabel de Valois, Consort of King Philip II of Spain, the football scarf and stripes on cycling jerseys. The outcome was a slick line up of cropped shirts with drawstring detail at the waist, bright floor length skirts with cut out detail at the waist and mini scarfs tied over long white shirts. Rich reds and sky blues also paid a sporting tribute to the beautiful game. 

Disco Lounge 

Another strong influence was the cult Dutch 80’s nightclub Studio Paradiso, and this manifested itself in louche wide leg silky trousers that spilled over shoes coupled with long, flared sleeves on cropped cotton tops.  Black silk dresses were paired over trousers and a sleeveless black mesh dresses with brightly coloured detail provided some slinky evening wear. 

All Cut Up

Throughout the presentation, it was Romeril’s playful and suprsing intrepation of classic shapes that really delighted. Flared trousers were cut mid way, creating gaping grins from which knees poked through. Pastel blue high waisted cuts were slit across, allowing material to drape down over the leg and sleeves were broken at the elbow, which created room for some playful layering. Also of note was Romeril’s use of print. Cartoonish bright octopuses were printed on the sleeves of simple black dresses and bright snakes were scribbled across the collars of oxblood coats. All clothes were paired Dr Martens and ankle socks with bright trims for a quirky finishing touch.

Danielle R AW16-1709

Danielle R AW16-1785

Danielle R AW16-1771

Danielle R AW16-1761

Danielle R AW16-1752

Danielle R AW16-1742

Danielle R AW16-1733

Danielle R AW16-1721

Danielle R AW16-1821

Danielle R AW16-1868

Danielle R AW16-1840

Photographer: Morgan O’Donovan

Words: India Doyle


First published on Wonderland, 22nd Feb 2016

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