The Design Studio: Bomber jackets with bite

The Design Studio

With London Fashion week fast approaching – and the autumnal weather beginning to shower through the clear blue sky – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the demands of staying warm whilst looking fabulous. However these sartorial dilemmas are easily solved by hot new jackets from The Design Studio (TDS).

Much like Cambridge Satchel before them, Design Studio’s  success reads like a fashion fairytale. The brand began with mother Sally making clothes for daughter at university which were quickly picked up and demanded by all of her friends. Fast forward a year and Design Studio’s jackets have been worn by the likes of actress Suki Waterhouse and featured in Vogue.

The premise of the label is simple: bomber jackets with an edge. The edge in this case is vibrant faux fur with quirky details much akin to the smash hit brand Shrimps (worn by the likes of Susie Lau and Alexa Chung) though at a quarter of the price. No two coats are the same; each item is unique.The Design Studio Hawarden coats are for the playful Londoner, one that enjoys making a statement and is comfortable being papped by street style photographers (London Fashion Week looms large, after all).

In an age of start uppers and social media momentum it’s easy for new brands to skyrocket to fame and compromise quickly on craft. And whilst for TDS the new era of instagram and facebook has certainly played a part, the success of these new jackets is down to the quality and care of the process which is ensuring that whilst the label expands the craftsmanship stays the same. This is thanks to mother Sally’s background in design and textiles who lectured in the subject for 20 years before taking a more hands on approach

Epitomising the modern voice, Design Studio bespoke jackets invite you not only to wear the brand but to be a part of their label. The family ethos of the creators radiates through their social media channels and allows you to participate in their story; TDS instagram is filled with behind the scenes shots and insider tips. With a new website that has just launched, the label is moving it’s cult following into the mainstream and we highly recommend bagging a bespoke design whilst you still can.

For autumn we’re coveting a tan and pale blue bomber for day and a dark denim and brown faux fur bomber for cosy winter evenings. We also love a simpler two tone version in white and blue, perfect for enjoying the final rays of sunshine.

Bold, brave and one of kind: we’re smitten with the Design Studio jackets. Start the new season with a bang and sport a bespoke coat for fashion kudos all year round.

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