Pandora Sykes Interview: A Chat with the Fashion Insider

When Pandora Sykes isn’t working as fashion features editor of The Sunday Times Style she’s entertaining her cult following on her eponymous website, providing aspirational style tips and social commentary for readers. Previously fashion editor of millennial publication The Debrief, Sykes has racked up an impressive tally of experience in her 27 years. We invited her to brief Culture Whisper readers on what they need to know about London Fashion Week 2015.

Culture WhisperWhat are your top tips for surviving London Fashion Week?

Pandora Sykes: Top tips: carry a battery-pack charger, wear something relatively comfortable, don’t get drunk the night before! It’s a test of endurance and you need your wits about you…

CW: What are your predictions? Who should readers be looking out for?

PS: In terms of emerging labels, British brand Shrimps is brilliant. I’m looking forward to seeing Emilia Wickstead, J W Anderson and Christopher Kane the most.

CW: Can people who won’t be attending the shows still experience and enjoy LFW? How?

PS: So much of it is live streamed now; and with Instagram, who needs to be there!

CW: Is London the best city for fashion? What distinguishes it from Paris, Milan and New York?

PS: New York leads commercially – it’s wearable, it’s for the everywoman. London is the most bonkers – I wouldn’t say it’s consistent, but there’s pockets of unrivalled excellency. Paris has the best shows in my opinion and Milan has the super showy big guns.

CW: You intertwine fashion and social commentary on your website, how do you see the relationship between the two?

PS: I love clothes, but I’m still a human being interested in what’s going on around me. I always find it bizarre that people think the two could or should be disconnected.

CW: What is your advice on wearing an outfit that is both fashionable and also commuter friendly, is there such a thing?

PS: Ha ha! Yes. I wear a lot of mini skirts with tights, boots and statement coats. Things to avoid for commuting: spindly stilettos, super short hemlines, anything that’s going to make you sweat…

CW: Spring is coming – what are your must have pieces?

PS: I’m obsessed with Saint Laurent boots, I can’t seem to stop bankrupting myself with them. I like the gold Babies and the star print ones too. Actually, I love star print boots in general. I’m really into Tommy Hilfiger’s velvet star strewn boots as well. I am also looking for knee high lace-up sandals… I plan to wear lots of denim (high-waist vintage Levi’s cropped flares, denim jackets) and mules/backless pointed flats. Plus dresses; I have a drawer of dresses waiting to be allowed out with knee high boots and bare legs.

CW: What are your predictions for 2015, what is going to take off?

PS: The 60s and 70s.



Old favourite?

Maggie Jones restaurant on Ken Church Street, The Golbourne Deli on Golbourne Road.

New discovery?

West 36 in Portobello.

Best-loved walk or view?

Hyde Park, along and around The Serpentine and the tiny Serpentine gallery.

Greatest meal you’ve ever had in London?

At Gymkhana, the tasting menu.

Favourite local restaurant/bar/pub?

The Hillgate or The Champion.

Hidden gem no-one else knows about?

Sophie Gass a concept beauty salon is a hidden but very popular treasure.

Where will you be seen this month?

God knows!

Public/cultural/artistic figure you admire?

I love Taylor Swift more than anything on this world.

Visit Pandora Sykes website here

First published on Culture Whisper, 19 February 2015

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